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23.06.2022: OUR HIKE IN SUMMER


Julia Klesper am 23.06.2022

What could be better than hiking through the foothills of the Bavarian Alps on a glorious summer’s day? On June 1, it was time for our team event on the topic of sustainability.

We first took the environmentally friendly regional train from Munich to Bayrischzell, from where we hiked mostly uphill with various stops along the way to the Siglhof mountain café. On the way, our creativity and skills were put to the test in three games.

The aim of the first game was to use natural materials such as stones, sticks or leaves to create a word with at least five letters so that it could be easily read. While words such as “sun”, “reuse” and “solar” were still being created by the other groups, the winning group consisting of Susanne, Can, Jonas and Simon had already finished and were enjoying a well-deserved cheer.

We hiked on through the shady forest to the next station, a mountain stream. There, once again in groups, we built small rafts from natural materials such as wood and grass, which we then put to the test in the roaring waters of a waterfall. Everyone was visibly shaking and in the end the team of Marilena, Jonas, Selmir and Viktoria were delighted with their well-deserved victory.

We continued on a path through a pine forest to a large meadow where the last game took place: throwing pine cones…not by hand, but by foot :-). What fun we had as we lined up one after the other in front of the starting line made of our shoes.

The first pine cones came to rest on the meadow after just a few centimetres, while some colleagues used acrobatic feats to hurl their pine cones really far. Jonas, the lucky one, made it the furthest.

A short hike then took us to the Bergcafé Siglhof, where we fortified ourselves and the winners received their prizes: First place was delighted to receive an organic herb box for the balcony, second place a beeswax cloth bag and third place so-called Seed Bombs – these are flower seeds in the form of small colorful balls.

After the culinary refreshment, we headed downhill to the train station and then back to Munich. What a great day with all our colleagues!