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Our contribution to sustainability

Together for a better future

How sustainable can a consulting company be? More than you think. Our thinking and activities are based on the United Nations 2030 Agenda, a global plan of action to ensure that all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment. We approach each day with a shared commitment to the UN’s sustainability goals – to protect people, Nature and the environment.

We protect

the environment

Avoiding rubbish is an important way to reduce impact on eco-systems to the lowest possible level. Our reusable lunch box is just one example of how we try to avoid even the smallest items of rubbish (UN Goal Life on Land).


From people with doctorates to career changers, our employees have a wide range of educational backgrounds, all of which are welcome. Inspiring interaction generates excellent outcomes that are the result of diverse perspectives. We actively support further training and certification programmes (UN Goal Quality Education).


For us, work-life balance is not an issue, it’s part of our lives. Hybrid working; flexible hours; part-time models and regular team events ensure that our working environment is characterised by freedom, trust and a sense of unity (UN-Goal Well-Being).


In today’s world gender equality should be a given – but many women still have fewer opportunities than their male colleagues. Let alone the same salary. We know the benefits of ‘girl power’ and are happy that our part-time moms also contribute their knowledge and skills to our business. And it goes without saying that they earn the same as the dads (UN Goal Gender Equality).


We aim to reduce the electricity we use, not how much it costs. That is why we have made a conscious decision to use 100% green electricity, allowing us to make a significant contribution to sustainability in this area. This enables us to reduce CO2 emissions and conserve fossil resources (UN Goal Clean Energy).


The best way to save resources is not to buy anything. In line with this, we place great value on long-lived equipment that we can add to. We also save paper and ink and avoid all expendable items. Our goal is to have paperless offices – and we’re almost there (UN Goal Responsible Consumption).

human dignity

From adequate payment to attractive social benefits and a safe job, economic issues are also an important aspect of decent work. Our continuing, healthy growth enables us to show our employees the respect they deserve (UN Goal Decent Work).

With us, sustainability is something to be proud of.

Would you like to measure your sustainability impact? Then make it visible. With our interactive dashboards, you can always keep an eye on your sustainability achievements. But we are also happy to create your customized dashboards for any other issue. Get in touch with us.

Exemplary dashboard on the topic of sustainability: