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Isabelle Opitz-Ferzandi am 21.12.2022

The entire team was eagerly awaiting the HMA Christmas event at the beginning of December – most of them were unaware of the day’s schedule – a real Christmas surprise!

We set off together in the early afternoon from the office towards the train station. The mood was exuberant and even the first canceled train in the cold weather couldn’t change that. We arrived at our first destination, an adventure distillery, an hour late and with various means of transport. What a feast for the eyes!

Finally in the warmth, our tour started straight away – we were given a very impressive and interesting explanation of the craft and subtleties of distilling. After the tour and a great tasting, we were able to understand why a brandy is preferable to a liqueur in terms of the variety of flavors. Cheers!

Just a stone’s throw away, we were warmly welcomed with mulled wine and punch by a blazing campfire. We enjoyed the lovely atmosphere in front of the rustic farmhouse and the interaction with each other so much that we had to step on the gas when it came to cooking. We quickly split into four groups and got started. Team Dessert was up first and, under expert guidance, conjured up a dream of yoghurt mousse with red wine plums. Now it was Team Main Course’s turn and they masterfully battled with a Burgundy roast, apple red cabbage and celeriac puree.

Last but not least, the starter team got their turn and created a wonderfully creamy chestnut soup and also took on the vegetarian main course, a mushroom risotto with parmesan potato chips – respect!

Meanwhile, Team Deko took care of the table and created true masterpieces of napkin-folding art. Finally, our menu was ready! We enjoyed our festive meal and took our time to reflect on the past year.

There was another brief celebration – Jörg and Susanne thanked the entire team and especially the outstanding team leads for their first-class work and the great results with our customers.

“Thank you for a successful year!

Afterwards, we had to dash to catch the train to Munich. What a great event, what a great team! We are looking forward to next year!