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Marilena Hohm on 01.03.2023

Don’t you spell Vizards with a “W”? When it comes to wizards, yes. But when it comes to creative data visualizers, we like to call them Vizards! We have a lot of them in our team, and these Vizards regularly compete in our internal “Battle of Vizards” challenge.
A data set is selected for this, which can come from any subject area regardless of our business topics. In addition, a core question is defined that is to be answered with the dashboard, and then it’s time to get started. All colleagues who would like to take part have until the predetermined deadline to create a dashboard with the data set provided.
At the end, the team decides who wins. The prize is lots of fame and glory, a trophy filled with sweets and a place on our “Dashboard Wall of Fame” 🙂

The last round was about the most suitable cities for a workation. What exactly is a workation? In short: working where others go on vacation. Within Europe, our employees have the opportunity to work from a different location for 4 weeks. While the working day remains the same, it is a good opportunity to use the end of the working day and the weekend to explore a new area. This can be inspiring and motivating. Your colleagues on the other end of the video call might be green with envy 😉
You can find out which cities are really best suited for a workation in the dashboards.

Vizard A winner dashboard – Workation in Europe

Vizard B – Workation in Europe