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Central dashboard for bundling the KPIs of numerous websites


An international group in the healthcare industry was looking for a solution to measure the impact of its more than 200 websites across the board. The primary goal was to make all websites easily and quickly comparable. A comprehensive, central dashboard was created for this purpose, which bundles selected KPIs for the numerous websites.


  • Group with 200+ different websites for different geo-regions, brands, content etc.
  • So far no uniform measurement of all this website data through the use of different web analytics tools (e.g. Matomo, Adobe) or lack of tracking implementation on some of these websites
  • Lack of comparability of the websites to analyze the overall impact


  • Implementation of a standardized, resource-saving tracking solution
  • Extraction of data from all existing web analytics tools
  • Consolidation of all relevant data in a central user interface
  • Definition of KPIs to measure the relevance of the various websites
  • Introduction of an activity indicator: weighting of the individual metrics based on their relative importance
  • Development of a website score: combination of the weighted metrics into a single result


  • Comprehensive dashboard that displays the selected KPIs for all websites of the healthcare group at a glance
  • Quick comparability of the 200+ websites by combining the most important KPIs in a central user interface
  • Detailed and simple evaluation of each website leads to time savings, greater transparency and increased effectiveness