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Oliver Eslami

Senior Project Manager at Hopmann Marketing Analytics
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Trainer Profile

I am a passionate project manager and certified Scrum Master. In recent years, I have successfully implemented numerous projects – from projects in the financial and IT sectors to the European Championships, Munich’s largest multi-sport event since the 1972 Olympic Games. At Hopmann Marketing Analytics, I plan and coordinate extensive data projects for our customers on a daily basis and provide them with advice and support. For the training at the HMA Academy, I not only bring a lot of practical experience, but also theoretical knowledge of Scrum and classic project management methods as well as a good sense of humor to make the training entertaining.

Your expert for

Project management
Hybrid project management (classic and agile)
Planning complex data analytics projects
Data strategy

Project experience (selection)

Setting up a data warehouse
In a well-known company, the data generated daily from different sources was to be bundled in a central location and prepared in such a way that it could be put into relation to each other. The first step was to work with the customer to determine the needs and requirements. The project management used a combination of agile and traditional approaches.

Elimination of weak points in network security
The aim of the project was to eliminate vulnerabilities in the network security of one of Germany’s largest commercial banks. Due to the fixed timeline, the project was managed according to the waterfall principle. Each upstream milestone had to be reached in order to start the next phase of the project. The project team consisted of bank employees, IT service providers and external parties, among others.

Planning and implementation of a multi-sport event
Munich’s biggest sporting event since the 1972 Olympic Games took place in August 2022. The project was set up in the classic way and consisted of various sub-projects, which were characterized by different sports and areas of responsibility. Oliver Eslami led the project management for the entire local organizing committee and all individual teams, with over 200 project employees.

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