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Understanding user behavior and optimizing websites


The data protection-friendly Piwik PRO Analytics Suite provides you with a powerful tool to continuously optimize the performance of your mobile apps and websites. Our range of services extends from Piwik PRO consulting to implementation and monitoring. This includes needs analysis and the integration of various data sources to create comprehensive user and traffic analyses that provide valuable insights into the behavior and interests of your users. This understanding paves the way for targeted marketing initiatives and personalized customer interactions in terms of data-driven strategies. With our hands-on expertise around Piwik PRO, we help you extract meaningful information from your website data to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals while increasing customer satisfaction.

Our services

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We specialize in tracking websites, online stores and mobile applications efficiently and in compliance with data protection regulations. To do this, we use four modules in Piwik PRO that focus on data protection: Analytics, Tag Manager, Consent Manager and Customer Data Platform. Tailored to your specific needs, we collect analytical data in Piwik PRO using a variety of tag management tools. We can implement Piwik PRO Analytics with Piwik Pro Tag Manager, Google Tag Manager or another tool of your choice. Our expertise will guide you on a comprehensive journey from the start of your project, which includes analyzing your requirements and culminates in a seamless implementation of the web analytics tool. To ensure the integrity of your data, we conduct meticulous tests that guarantee reliable and robust results for your projects. The tool is particularly suitable for industries that handle sensitive data.

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As a first step, we conduct a comprehensive audit to gain an in-depth understanding of your business requirements and marketing objectives. During this process, we evaluate the performance of your existing web analytics solutions and identify hidden opportunities and potential for improvement. This assessment forms the basis for a better understanding of your company’s digital status quo and the provision of customized solutions. Based on the audit results and your strategy, we start modernizing your analytics infrastructure. This means integrating the right technologies, improving usability and expanding your data analytics capabilities.

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We transform your website and user data into comprehensible and interactive reports. These help you to interpret your data and make strategic decisions based on it. In other words, we don’t just collect your data, we transform it into actionable insights. This enables your company to understand market trends, better predict customer behavior and better assess competitors’ moves. We integrate your analytics data with leading visualization and business intelligence tools such as Power BI, Looker Studio, Tableau, etc. This integration allows you to capture your data faster, share it better and perform more comprehensive analysis. Integrating your data with these tools supports your data-driven decision making and increases the efficiency of your business.

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With the Piwik PRO Consent Manager, we offer you expert support in managing user consent. This includes customizing your consent forms and privacy policies to your specific needs. An important aspect of our service is the variety of hosting options available, including the choice of server location to ensure your data sovereignty is maintained. With Piwik PRO, the data collected is not shared with third parties and your company remains the sole owner of this data. In addition, our service includes the fingerprint tracking option offered by Piwik, which – at least for now – complies with current data protection regulations. This provides an additional layer of user tracking that respects data protection standards. Our services also include the detailed analysis of consent data collected via the Consent Manager. This allows you to fine-tune your data collection strategy while maintaining the highest possible standards for data ownership and location preferences. We also offer seamless integration of the analytics tool with other consent management platforms to ensure a coherent approach to consent management.

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Our team will support you in your day-to-day use of the Piwik PRO platform. For example, we offer training sessions to suit your schedule and preferred format, including online training, training in your own office or at our training center in Schliersee. These workshops aim to provide you with the knowledge you need to use the Piwik PRO platform effectively to ensure a smooth and productive experience for your team. We are also available to advise you on any further Piwik PRO questions you may have.


We combine the powerful features of Piwik PRO with the unique requirements of your industry and business. To do this, we take a reliable and careful approach with a focus on data protection. Our goal is to develop clear and achievable digital analytics strategies that help you reach your business and marketing goals. Contact us to find out how Hopmann Marketing Analytics can support you and benefit from data-driven insights.

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