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Steigern Sie Ihren Website-Erfolg mit Datenanalysen.

Google Analytics Consulting

With our many years of practical experience and expertise in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Tag Manager, we support you in unlocking the full potential of your website data. By integrating various data sources, we create comprehensive analyses of your website, mobile app or online store in compliance with data protection regulations. These provide in-depth insights into the usage behavior and interests of your user groups. In turn, data-based strategies and decisions can be derived from this, laying the foundation for targeted marketing activities and personalized customer interactions. All with the aim of achieving marketing and sales goals and promoting long-term company growth. Our solutions and consulting services help you to realize these goals while increasing customer satisfaction and generating solid added value from the available data.

Our services

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We offer professional support in the implementation and management of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to optimize the effectiveness of your digital marketing initiatives. With powerful features such as user-centric tracking, an event-based data model or analytics powered by machine learning, GA4 greatly simplifies your data collection and analysis methods. Our expertise goes far beyond the integration of Google Tag Manager and includes integration with a variety of tag management systems if required. This ensures seamless analysis of large-scale user interactions across all your digital platforms, including websites and mobile applications. For companies switching from previous versions of Google Analytics, we facilitate the smooth migration to GA4 and show you, for example, how to find familiar reports in the “new” GA4. We can also help you with the transition from client site tracking to server site tracking.

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Our team of digital analytics experts offers you pragmatic and practical support in reviewing and modernizing your GA4 configuration – in compliance with current data protection regulations, of course. As a first step, we carefully assess the accuracy and integrity of your data collection and tracking configurations. We then implement measures to prevent data loss while developing sophisticated tracking strategies tailored to your individual business requirements. By introducing state-of-the-art functionality, moving to server-side tracking and integrating your systems into a customer journey analytics framework, we work with you to develop a robust and reliable digital analytics system. Our holistic approach ensures that your existing analytics processes are not only optimized, but that you can also make strategically sound decisions and drive sustainable growth.

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By segmenting users into detailed clusters, we enable you to carry out target group-oriented marketing campaigns more effectively. With flexible and individual reporting functions, we create customized reports based on your company’s specific KPIs and analysis requirements. By tracking user behavior in detail using the event-based data model, we provide a comprehensive analysis of user interactions that goes beyond traditional session-based tracking. By integrating GA4 data with leading data visualization and business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI and Looker Studio, we lay the foundation for data-driven decisions. We also give you the ability to quickly and easily share the results with relevant people in your organization.

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Our expert team for GA4 integrations takes care of the integration of your company data with third-party advertising platforms and tools. Through integrations with Google Ads, Google Search Console and other Google products, we help you to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing measures. Using interfaces (APIs) offered with GA4’s flexible and extensible data model, we facilitate data collection and access so that your organization can seamlessly execute data integration processes. By enabling the integration of GA4 data into leading data warehouses such as BigQuery, Amazon Redshift or Snowflake, we expand your organization’s analytics capabilities and business intelligence activities.

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Our team supports you in the effective use of the GA4 platform and implementation with the Google Tag Manager. As part of the HMA Academy, we offer practical workshops for beginners and advanced users that are tailored to your needs – whether in Munich, at our new training center at Schliersee or in-house at your company. The aim of these training courses is to provide you with the essential knowledge required for effective use of the Google Analytics platform to enable you and your team to carry out data analysis smoothly and efficiently.


We customize the powerful features of GA4 and Google Tag Manager to meet the unique needs of your industry and business. We take a trusted, tailored and careful approach that puts data protection at the forefront. Our goal is to develop clear and realistically actionable strategies that help your business achieve its goals. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss with you how we can best support you with the implementation and/or use of Google Analytics.

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