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We support you with the migration of your DataViz tool.


Are you thinking about migrating your data visualization from Tableau to Power BI? We have the answers you need for a successful move. As a consultancy with a focus on Marketing and Sales data, we understand how important it is to have the right DataViz solution in place for strategic data-driven decisions. As so often in Marketing, there is no “one size fits all”. Tableau is undoubtedly an excellent tool for data visualization. Nevertheless, there are various reasons why many companies are considering migrating from Tableau to Power BI. These include, for example, the integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, more cost-effective pricing models depending on their use case, user preferences or scalability within the company. If you’ve read this far, you probably already know your individual reasons for switching your software. We help you to unleash the full potential of your data, regardless of the visualization platform you choose. Let us now show you how we can support you.


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The right data strategy is the focus of our daily work as a consulting firm. That’s why the first question you’ll probably hear from our experts is: “Why do you want to migrate from Tableau to Power BI?” The first step is to discuss your specific requirements with you. We then analyze the previous setup quantitatively and qualitatively to decide which reports need to be migrated and which need to be recreated. Thanks to this thorough analysis, you can ensure that a switch away from Tableau and towards Power BI is the suitable solution for your company. After this, we plan the migration based on your challenges and needs and check whether the strategy for the move seems promising to achieve your goals.

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In recent months and years, we have carried out numerous migration projects for our customers – including extensive migration projects from Tableau to Power BI, but also vice versa as a migration from Power BI to Tableau. We know the usual obstacles and can quickly find solutions for challenges before, during and after the migration thanks to our wide range of practical experience. At the same time, we have very high standards when it comes to data quality and data integrity, because we know that important business decisions are based on it. Our migration strategy therefore includes solid quality assurance, which has already proven its worth in many projects. After a successful connection, we continue with data modeling and transformation. Power BI offers more options here than Tableau, as Power BI provides a very wide range of modeling tools. At the same time, Power Query can be used to carry out a comprehensive data transformation that achieves a very high level of data quality.

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Our data visualization experts know the advantages and disadvantages of both Tableau and Power BI first-hand – not only in theory, but also in practice. After all, we work with both Power BI and Tableau for customer projects on a daily basis. We therefore know exactly where the possibilities and limitations of both solutions lie. Our aim is for you to get the best out of your new Power BI environment through the migration. We are happy to help you discover the full potential of possibilities in Power BI that you didn’t have before with Tableau.

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We have many years of experience working with the Tableau and Power BI platforms and have a deep understanding of their functionalities. The in-depth knowledge gained from regularly using both tools in customer projects helps us to develop informed decisions for a smooth migration of your data visualization tool. We are able to identify potential challenges early on and to find suitable solutions to ensure a smooth transition. For example, we know that when migrating visualizations, certain fields from Tableau may not migrate one-to-one into Power BI. This is because the two programs are based on different program design philosophies, which can lead to noticeable differences in the creation of calculated fields, for example. Of course, our experts know workarounds to create a migration of the visualizations that is as true to the original as possible.

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The changeover to a new software solution is not completed with just the go-live. We know from experience that another important part of the migration project takes place afterwards: training employees for the new tool. As part of our HMA Academy, we offer customized training for your team to ensure that everyone is familiar with the new Power BI environment and can quickly gain valuable insights from the new platform. In addition, we will continue to provide you with support and advice after the migration process. If you have any questions about Power BI, need reports or want to connect additional data sources – we are here for you!


We are your strong partner for the migration from Tableau to Power BI. We are happy to plan your entire platform migration, from the creation of the requirements catalog to the training of your employees. We work together with you to find out which Power BI services are most important to you and which cost structures are associated with them. Power BI is priced on a system of additional services, which we will also be happy to present to you in advance. This gives you full transparency when it comes to pricing. As we have a very strong focus on data protection, we naturally ensure that there is no risk of unauthorized persons gaining access to sensitive information during the migration. Besides, we can create access authorization schemes for reports and dashboards together with you using specially created role concepts in Power BI.

There is a lot to do. Get in touch and let’s get started together.