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Overview of occupancy rate and room status


An international hotel chain is looking for an effective and practicable tool to determine the occupancy rate and room status of each individual hotel.

The challenge

  • Objective: To analyze general guest flows in order to make marketing and management decisions based on this data


  • Transferring the data to the Tableau visualization and analysis software
  • Creation of various dashboards in Tableau


  • Graphical overview of the general occupancy rate of each individual hotel
  • Detailed graphical overview of the status of individual room events (e.g. reserved, cleaned, under maintenance)
  • Detailed graphical overview of the number of check-ins and check-outs per weekday and time for each individual hotel

Questions that can be answered with the dashboards:

  1. What is the occupancy rate of a specific hotel?
  2. On which day of the week do most check-ins and check-outs take place?
  3. Is a specific room number currently available?
  4. Does the occupancy rate vary from country to country or from hotel to hotel?