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Data query and transformations in Data Virtuality


An international company carries out various marketing campaigns on different channels. The goal is a holistic, daily analysis of marketing campaigns across all channels.

The challenge

  • Many different data sources with different data structures
  • Definition of metrics for all data sources: (1) Google Analytics (visits, linked visits, downloads, page views), (2) Hubspot (subscribers, email performance data), (3) LinkedIn (connections, followers, impressions, engagement), (4) Meltwater (reach, clippings) and (5) Excel (additional KPIs per campaign, e.g. participants)
  • Manual code adjustments when changing the API


  • Querying APIs using the connectors provided by Data Virtuality
  • Merging the data while ensuring the same data structure


  • Automatic data retrieval for long-term storage of data from the various tools
  • Holistic and daily analysis of marketing campaigns across all channels possible
  • Storage of the transformed data via Data Virtuality in a data warehouse, which can be accessed using a visualization tool
  • Automatic updating of a connector by Data Virtuality when an API is changed