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Establishment of a stable data infrastructure for vehicle visualization


An international car manufacturer gives customers the opportunity to interactively visualize vehicles before they buy them: For example, doors or the trunk can be opened. The vehicle can also be driven in various virtual environments.

The challenge

  • Goal: Analysis of how often, where and with which device the vehicle visualization is used by customers
  • Further analyses such as which vehicle types are visualized or how long an average user session lasts
  • Bringing together many different data sources and very large amounts of data


  • Processing the data by setting up an ETL/ELT pipeline with Amazon Web Services: AWS Lambda for data extraction, S3 Bucket for caching the data, AWS Step Functions for orchestrating the workflow, Amazon Redshift as a data warehouse
  • Visualization of the data with interactive dashboards by Tableau


  • Establishment of a stable data infrastructure guarantees that the dashboards are always up-to-date for the desired analyses
  • Frequent use of the dashboards
  • Activation of dashboards for more and more markets