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Development of a data stack for contribution margins


An eCommerce company would like to have a precise overview of its contribution margins with automatic updating of the calculations.

The challenge

  • Goal: Provision of a data warehouse in the form of a data stack as a “single point of truth”
  • Previously manual data export and manual calculation of contribution margins
  • Due to the limitation of the number of lines for data export, several analyses must be run


  • Clean database and table structure including mapping of contribution margins I-III with automatic updating of calculations
  • Setting up the accounts for AWS, GitHub, dbt Cloud, Snowflake and the cloud server for Apache Airflow and connecting the required data sources
  • Import and cleansing of raw data including data modeling


  • Data stack as a “single point of truth” with automatic updating of calculations
  • Automatic and complete data integration and cleansing
  • Completely cloud-based infrastructure
  • Integration of history up to and including two years before provision of the data stack from external sources