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Better understanding of the online customer journey


An international household appliance manufacturer wants to better understand the online customer journey for its high-priced kitchen appliance in order to quickly identify and resolve potential problems.

The challenge

  • Goal 1: Overview of the online customer journey metrics
  • Goal 2: Understanding what customers say about the product online
  • Goal 3: Understanding how customers interact with certain product features
  • Large number of different and manual data sources


  • Visualization of the data in ONE dashboard with Power BI
  • Presentation of data over a longer period of time so that the development compared to the previous month can be viewed quickly
  • Use of visual tooltips for detailed analysis
  • Automation of the data with the help of Data Virtuality


  • All important data on consumer perceptions and engagement in ONE dashboard
  • Tracking specific impacts over time
  • Minimization of manual effort
  • Independence from external service providers due to the automated process
  • Versatile and interactive use of the dashboard at global and local level