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All KPIs at a glance thanks to interactive dashboards


The SEO department of a large household appliance manufacturer would like to track and evaluate the customer journey for all brands and countries offered, as well as the performance of the keywords that directed customers to the homepages, better and faster, and make decisions based on the findings.


  • Goal: Presentation of all key KPIs at a global level at a glance
  • Utilization of huge amounts of data, enabling simultaneous analysis of several countries


  • Processing and automating huge amounts of raw data with Data Virtuality
  • Development of a logic for aggregating and mapping all data and subsequent creation of various dashboards in Power BI
  • Global solution thanks to the creation of a customized dashboard for each available brand


  • Intuitive, interactive and high-performance dashboards with daily updated data to quickly and easily analyze the performance of websites, keywords and customer journeys
  • Direct comparison of multiple brands and countries possible
  • Enormous time and cost savings