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An overview of our tool set

We work with a wide range of tools that are popular in the business world and are happy to provide you with advice on how your company can get the most out of them.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a web analysis service that enables us to create, visualise and analyse reports on your customer data.

Adobe Launch

Adobe’s dynamic tag management system allows us to manage third party tags. In addition to this, we can collect and process your data, as well as making it available for use with analysis tools such as Adobe Analytics.

Apache Airflow

We use the open source tool Apache Airflow to automate, orchestrate and monitor our data pipelines to efficiently manage tasks such as data transformation, integration and migration.

AT Internet

Data quality is the must-have foundation for any analysis project. Web analysis service AT Internet provides simple quality control tools that ensure the web data we collect is reliable.


provides companies with leading cloud infrastructure for their data landscapes. Our team is made up of certified AWS specialists who have the required technical expertise to set up and manage AWS services.

Data Virtuality

Data Virtuality ist ein Tool für Datenintegrationslösungen, mit dem wir die Virtualisierung Ihrer Daten und automatisierte ETL-Prozesse kombinieren können.


The Data Build Tool (dbt) is a command line tool that enables us to transform data in your data warehouse more effectively.


We use Excel power tools to analyse your data. More specifically, we use them to import and process your data from multiple sources; to analyse trends and to visualise your data.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analysis service that we use to provide you with statistics and basic analysis tools for marketing activities and search engine optimisation. It also enables us to deliver an overview of your data.


With the powerful and scalable services of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we enable you to efficiently process and analyse data to make informed business decisions and add value to your data.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that enables us to quickly and easily implement tags on your website.


With Looker, the BI tool from Google, we analyze your data from different platforms and create visualizations and reports to obtain valuable insights.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) is Google's free web-based solution that allows us to visualize their data and analyze it in meaningful dashboards.

Microsoft Azure

With a wide range of tools, the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform enables the implementation of complex and innovative data engineering solutions, as well as seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies.

Power BI

We use Microsoft Power BI to connect multiple data sources; to simplify data processing and to create informative reports for you.


Python is a versatile, simple programming language that we use for API connections and high-intensity computer analyses, among other things.


With SAP Analytics Cloud, we analyze and visualize your SAP data in a cloud-based tool.


Whether machine learning or simple ANOVA tests, statistical programming language R enables us to evaluate your data using the latest packages and state-of-the-art scientific standards.


Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse that enables us to store, manage and analyse huge amounts of your data from multiple sources.


Tableau is the tool we use to link, analyze and visualize your data that is collected from multiple sources.


TagCommander enables us to implement and manage tags of any kind on your website.

Tealium IQ

We use Tealium iQ to steer and manage your customer data and marketing technology suppliers.

Universal Data Hub

The Tealium universal data hub enables us to collect your customer data and enrich, standardise and develop your data pool.