Digital Analytics Consulting Knowing how your customers click means knowing how they tick.

Digital Analytics

Why does a customer click here, but not there? Why is a campaign a success on one channel but not on another? And when – and, most importantly, how – does a customer find their way to your website? The answer is always the same: digital analytics.

Within the scope of your individual data analysis we will work together with you to define your specific questions and the related targets. These KPIs are used to develop a customised data analytics framework that creates the parameters for the analysis, evaluation and interpretation of your data.

The collected data and our in-depth analysis provides you with a comprehensive insight into your customers’ behaviour patterns. This in turn enables you to further develop your online presence in a focused way; to increase the efficiency of your marketing activities or to continuously optimise the user experience, for example by providing personalised content.

You only have a very limited period of time to attract your customers’ attention when they are on the web. Exploit that time to the full by getting to know them and their preferences in the greatest detail possible. We will be pleased to help you with this.

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Our digital analytics services

Digital analytics strategy

We work together with you to define appropriate KPIs, developing a digital analytics framework that is tailored to your needs.

Tag management

We develop the concept that shows you how to measure visitor movement and data flows centrally, taking specific tracking requirements into consideration.

Implementation and maintenance

We are also happy to handle concrete implementation and maintenance of your web analysis tools for you.

Introduction of a customer data platform

We are happy to provide you with advice and assistance on how to create specific customer profiles when introducing a customer data platform.

Data protection & consent management

We ensure that collection and processing of your data complies with data protection guidelines - at all times.

Marketing and sales expertise

As marketing experts we combine business understanding with technical expertise, enabling us to provide you with the very best advice.