Data Engineering The must-have to get the most out of your data.

Data Engineering

Many companies collect data from multiple sources before then evaluating it in isolation. And without any core data strategy. The result? They barely scratch the surface of their data’s incredible potential.

Using modern ETL/ ELT processes we can bundle, integrate, clean up and store all your data in a centralised marketing data warehouse – all in line with a previously developed data strategy designed to meet your needs.

This provides the basis for all further data-driven steps on your journey to success, such as digital analytics, data science and data visualisation. In addition to this, data engineering ensures that all your data is stored in a secure location and is always up-to-date and accessible.

Companies with big plans don’t think small. So they forget to collect data. Give big data the space it deserves.

We are happy to provide you with advice on all data engineering-related issues.

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Our data engineering services

Technologies & tools

We provide you with an overview of technology options (e.g. cloud vs on-premise); advise on the selection of the right tools for you (e.g. ETL software vs custom scripts) and assist with implementation.

Data sources

Whether from databases, flat files or API interfaces, we handle retrieval of relevant data from a wide range of sources for you.

Data processing

We clean up your raw data and process it so that it correlates in a meaningful way.

Data quality

Not only is quantity key, but also quality. We guarantee this quality, monitoring your data to ensure that it meets data security and data protection standards.

Data provision

We make your data available in a suitable, efficient format for further use in your own or external analyses and visualisations.


We use data pipelines to automate the entire process, from retrieval of your data through processing to monitoring.