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Anna Dobrowolski am 30.03.2021

In the current times, when almost all colleagues (have to) work from home, it has become more difficult to meet up with all colleagues on a regular basis. So it’s all the nicer to get together again now and again in a big group, at least online, and spend some time with everyone. On March 22, it was that time again and everyone got together for our virtual Easter team event.

After a cozy start with coffee and cookies, Susanne and Marilena surprised us with an Easter egg hunt. As this is not quite so easy in the online format, the two of them came up with something creative again. They prepared different but similar pictures from the office. The first picture was only shown to us briefly. In the second and very similar picture, it was now our task to find the differences to the first picture. This was a lot of fun and certainly made us miss the office a little.

After the Easter egg search game, our creativity was called for when it came to crafting. Together we created various shapes from wire and decorated them with feathers and wood. The result was beautiful Easter decorations that have significantly increased our anticipation of Easter.

We are now all prepared for the upcoming Easter celebrations and are looking forward to it.

Stay healthy everyone!