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Julia Klesper am 13.12.2021

It was that time of the year: We celebrated our annual Christmas party together. Once again, we gathered online in front of our screens due to the current situation.

First, we all opened the surprise bags that Susanne and I had packed: a cocktail shaker, a bar strainer, a bar spoon, lots of small bottles of colorful liquids and snacks. Numerous beaming faces already foreshadowed what was in store for us that evening: a virtual cocktail workshop!

We had invited Anna from Barschule München, who took us on an exciting cocktail journey for a good hour. First, we filled our glasses with ice cubes. Then we opened the pink bottle, which turned out to be a hibiscus tonic, and stirred in watermelon syrup and lime juice with our bar spoons. Tada: And our non-alcoholic Pink Navy Tonic was ready!

The second cocktail waiting for us was the HM Negroni. We filled our glasses with ice cubes again and then stirred in real Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey, Aperol and Martini. The whole thing was garnished with an orange zest. The perfect cocktail for all the whiskey lovers among us!

The Winter Mai Tai was the last drink we made together. We filled our cocktail shakers with ice cubes, Havana Club, Plantation Original Dark Rum, chocolate syrup, Licor 43, orange bitters and lime juice and shook as hard as we could. The result was a very tasty wintery Mai Tai.

Anna then gave us all the recipes so that we are well prepared for more cocktail evenings at home – thanks to our new bar equipment.

Cheers and Merry Christmas everyone!