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Viktoria Diel on 08.05.2023

According to the Duden definition, a sabbatical is “a longer leave of absence granted once in a longer period of time (in addition to the annual recreational leave).” The benefits of a sabbatical include, among other things, reducing stress, improving work-life balance, and the personal and professional development of the employee.

For me, these were convincing reasons to give it a try, and so last year, I applied for a sabbatical at my employer, Hopmann Marketing Analytics. The approval of the sabbatical came after a few days, and then I was faced with the difficult question – where should the journey take me?

After much deliberation, I decided on Indonesia 2 weeks before the start of the sabbatical and have not regretted it.

During my time off in Indonesia, I was able to combine the benefits of traveling, relaxing, and learning. Each island had something special to offer. In Java, I visited the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Borobudur and Prambanan. In Bali, I could enjoy rice terraces, various temples, sunsets on the beach, and culinary delights.

In Lombok, I explored some of the most beautiful beaches and surf spots in the world, and finally, at the dreamy beaches of Gili Trawangan, I went swimming with turtles. With many new impressions in my luggage, I returned to Munich and to work with joy, new ideas, and a pronounced serenity.

Compared to the Duden definition, my sabbatical was not just “a longer leave of absence granted once in a longer period of time” for me, but the opportunity to take a break from work and my everyday life and to embrace new experiences. I thank my employer for this opportunity and can simultaneously recommend to anyone to take advantage of this accommodating offer.