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Anna Dobrowolski am 30.09.2020

On September 16, it was that time again – our next team event was coming up. As the Oktoberfest unfortunately couldn’t take place this year, we decided to celebrate our own HMA Oktoberfest. Susanne and Marilena came up with something very special for this. To comply with the coronavirus rules, our team initially split into 2 groups. The first group met in the garden to get creative and decorate gingerbread hearts. The second group met in the office and rehearsed a dance. The men did a Schuhplattler dance and the women a Dirndl dance to match the Oktoberfest, of course. The groups then swapped so that everyone could do both.

At the end, of course, the results were presented to the other groups, the most beautiful gingerbread heart was chosen and the rehearsed dances were performed. That was great fun! Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a pretzel and a drink in the garden and let the evening draw to a relaxed close.

With this in mind, O’zapft is!