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Susanne Ullrich on 06.03.2024

The world of digital analytics is changing every day. You have to be constantly up to date in order to be informed about changes such as Google Consent Mode, the switch from Universal Analytics 360 Properties to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) or server-side tracking and implement them accordingly. This is not always easy, as it is often (online) marketing managers who are responsible for web analytics. They already have a very colorful bouquet of activities, projects and requests – and then the parameters and specifications for the tools change. Are you familiar with this? Specialists like us at Hopmann Marketing Analytics are happy to take you by the hand and keep you up to date.

At the same time, we lay the foundation for your web analytics together with you – with introductory training courses in digital analytics as part of our HMA Academy. As a consultancy that understands the importance of data-driven decisions, we know that the correct implementation and use of tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics is crucial. Our expert Constanze Bogner will therefore be offering you a first-class training course from April with an introduction to Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

In our blog post series “5 questions for…”, we have already asked our colleague Tobias Lanzl about his training course “Professional data visualization with Power BI“. In this interview, you will get to know Constanze Bogner better. She answers five important questions about GTM, GA4 and the benefits of in-depth training in this area.


1. Can you please briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Constanze Bogner, and I am an experienced digital analytics specialist with a focus on optimizing data-based decision-making processes. With my Master’s degree in “Management and Technology” from the Technical University of Munich and my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I have a solid academic foundation in marketing and analytics. My extensive experience in specifying and reviewing tracking implementations with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics at ProsiebenSat.1 and now for several years as a consultant at Hopmann Marketing Analytics qualify me perfectly as a trainer for comprehensive GTM/GA4 training.


2. What experience have you already gained with training courses?

Over the past few years, I have given several digital analytics training courses for different customer groups. I would particularly like to highlight two training courses that were very different in terms of their requirements and structure:

One workshop was an online training course on GA4 for a service company in the construction and infrastructure sector. The main aim here was to provide support during the changeover from Google Analytics to GA4* (see below for details). The new tool initially appeared to be a major hurdle for the contact persons. As part of the training, we worked together to overcome their fears and I explained step by step how to find the original data from Universal Analytics (UA) in GA4. At the end of the workshop, the participants were able to continue working independently with the new tool.

The other training course was an on-site training course in digital analytics for a B2B healthcare provider. The focus here was on motivating internal teams to work with data and giving them the opportunity to have questions answered that they would otherwise not dare to ask – or for which there is no time in everyday life. We initially started the training courses with a small local team and then rolled them out internationally at Group level. To this day, we also offer a data consultation once a month, in which we go into more detail on specific questions. For example, special analytics requirements, Adobe Analytics compared to GA4, working with heat maps, deriving campaign goals and internal/external benchmarks.

During the two training courses, and also in the monthly data consultation hour, I rely on a good mix of interactive presentations, practical exercises and case studies. This allows participants to directly apply what they have learned in practice and develop their skills as quickly as possible.

The experience with in-house training courses like these has further strengthened my passion for teaching and motivated me to continue giving training courses in the future.

3. What do you particularly enjoy about giving training courses?

I am always happy when I can help others to expand their knowledge and skills and thus develop their potential. I enjoy breaking down seemingly complex issues into simple units and teaching them step by step – especially when everyone wants to participate, asks questions and is active. For me, there are no “stupid questions”. Every question has a reason and should be answered with respect. It is particularly nice to see participants make progress during the training and ultimately leave with new knowledge and increased self-confidence.

4. Is it even possible to learn Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager in just one day?

Absolutely! It is definitely possible to learn Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager in just one day. A structured approach and a well-thought-out syllabus are important for this. Many practical examples also help to understand the tool more quickly and apply it directly. Of course, it has to be said that you won’t be an absolute expert in Google Analytics after just one day. But you will know the most important basics to set up the platform yourself and get started. And of course, we are also available for further training up to the gold badge or additional assistance.

5. What is the aim of the GA4 training course and what will participants leave with?

The aim of this GA4 training course is to provide participants with a sound understanding of how Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 work and interact. They will learn important skills to effectively analyze their data and make strategic decisions for their marketing and other areas based on it. After completing the training, participants should be able to independently set up GA4 accounts, implement tags and events, generate reports and gain important insights into the behavior of their users.


Are you a beginner in the field of web analytics and would like to learn Google Tag Manager and GA4 in one day? Then register for our training course. We know the challenges you face and will take you by the hand individually.

You have various options for participating in Google Analytics training:

  • In our HMA Academy training center at the beautiful Schliersee
  • In our training room in Munich
  • Individual in-house training at your company (on request)
  • Individual online training (on request)

Invest this one day in your career and benefit from a good learning atmosphere, compact knowledge transfer and training at eye level. Get fit for Google Analytics and soon make better data-driven decisions.

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