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Susanne Ullrich am 19.12.2023

Did you know which is the best-selling Christmas carol of all time? Or how much money Germans spend per person on Christmas presents? We found out at our Christmas party. And if you read to the end of this blog post, we’ll tell you 🙂

In addition to exciting quiz questions, there were also lots of fun challenges to complete this year. It was a very special Christmas party, as we completed tasks together in three different teams and were able to get to know each other a little better.


This year’s Christmas party was packed with exciting events: it started in the afternoon in our beautiful office in Munich Neuhausen. All employees came together and had a cozy chat about the highlights of the year over cookies and mulled wine or children’s punch.

Secret Santa had diligently distributed small and funny gifts for each team member in advance, which could be opened during the event. There was everything from creative Christmas tree decorations to Christmas socks and various treats. This was definitely great fun for everyone.

Afterwards, our colleague Ioanna announced the challenges that awaited us in the next step.


We were divided into three teams and had to complete various fun tasks together. The teams were:

  • Festive Falcons
  • Stellar Spirits
  • Sparkling Flames

Even more creative than the team names were the challenges, which were carried out both in the office and at a Munich Christmas market of choice. We all gladly accepted the challenge. Each team wanted to impress with their performance and collect lots of festive “Magic Points”.

  1. Take a funny Christmas photo of your team.
  2. Find the funniest Christmas tree decoration at a Christmas market and take a photo of it.
  3. Sing a Christmas song as a team and record it.
  4. Write a Christmas poem together.
  5. Solve the Christmas puzzles.

Of course, support from tools such as ChatGPT or Google Search was not allowed, which encouraged fun and joint reflection within the team.


It is indeed quite easy to find funny ornaments for the tree or other decorative items at the Munich Christmas markets. However, one of our highlights was the Weißwurst Christmas tree ornament shown in the following picture. You can only find something like this in Munich 🙂

We prefer to spare the readers of this blog the videos of our vocal performances.

However, we would like to share a few excerpts from two poems:

Sparkle Sparkle, Christmas Tree
(to the melody of Twinkle twinkle, little star)

Sparkle sparkle, Christmas tree,
Santa Santa, come to me.
I have been a good analyst.
I hope that you get the gist.
Presents are what I crave most.
Please don’t send them with the post.
Rather make the trip yourself.
I’ll put cookies by the shelf.

Festive Marketing Analytics Rap

We are Hopmann Marketing,
and today we’re gonna sing… with a bling bling bling.

We are dancing around the Christmas tree.
Our data sets us free.

Santa came, said “HoHoHo,
Did you make this dashboard with Tableau?”

And the reindeers were the critics:
“No, that’s Google Analytics.”

Not so bad without the help of AI, is it?


Once all the challenges had been completed, we met up again as a whole team in the heart of Munich: The Ratskeller Restaurant, right on Marienplatz. We had a delicious meal there and were able to celebrate the evening in a relaxed atmosphere with our colleagues.

With this in mind, we would like to thank our managing directors Susanne and Jörg for the wonderful Christmas party! Special thanks also go to our colleague Ioanna, who organized the Christmas party including the fun challenges. We all really had a lot of fun.

And of course, we promised at the beginning that we would solve the two riddles at the end of this blog post. Here we go:

  • What is the best-selling Christmas song of all time? “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby (source)
  • How much money do Germans spend per person on Christmas presents? German consumers aged between 36 and 45 want to spend an average of EUR 278 on Christmas presents this year. (Source)