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Susanne Ullrich on 01.02.2024

Do you also feel like you’re losing track of all the rows and columns in Excel? Or do you know that your data basis for important marketing decisions is available, but you just can’t find the right approach? You are not alone. The good news is: there are tools that can make your work with marketing data much easier – even to the extent that you can not only base decisions on the results, but also tell exciting stories with this data for your superiors, colleagues or customers.

One of these tools is Power BI from Microsoft. Having already conducted numerous Power BI training courses for our customers, we now also offer open Power BI training courses as part of our brand new HMA Academy.

To give you a deeper insight into our training program, we are publishing a new interview series on our blog today: “5 questions for…” This will give our trainers the opportunity to present their training program in a more personal way and make it easier for you to make a decision.


1. Can you please briefly introduce yourself, including a fun fact about you?
My name is Tobias Lanzl and I am a data visualization specialist with a passion for transforming raw data into actionable insights. As a Microsoft-certified Power BI Data Analyst, I bring expertise in using Power BI for effective data visualization. Fun Fact: My two cats hear best when I speak Polish to them.

2. What motivates you to pass on your knowledge?
It motivates me to share my enthusiasm for a topic with other people. I especially find the “aha!” moments from course participants when something complicated suddenly becomes simple very inspiring. Before becoming a consultant at Hopmann Marketing Analytics, I worked at university and have some teaching experience from there. Now I am all the more pleased to be able to apply this experience at the HMA Academy.

3. Which training courses does the HMA Academy offer in the area of “Data Visualization”?
In the area of data visualization, the HMA Academy offers multi-day basic courses in Tableau and Power BI for beginners. For advanced users, we are planning a course for both tools that will teach best practices for dashboard design. Here, participants will not only learn how to design aesthetically pleasing dashboards, but also how to achieve a good user experience in general.

4. Warum ist es aus deiner Sicht so wichtig, dass Unternehmen ihren Mitarbeiter:innen die Teilnahme an solchen Trainings ermöglichen?
Die Mitarbeitenden profitieren nicht nur von den Fähigkeiten, die sie aus dem Training mitnehmen, sondern auch von der Erfahrung der Trainer:innen, die hier im persönlichen Austausch weitergegeben wird. Außerdem lernen sie von anderen Teilnehmer:innen, die manchmal mit ganz ähnlichen Herausforderungen konfrontiert sind – nur eben in einem anderen Unternehmen.

5. Wie stellt ihr mit eurem Team sicher, dass die Trainings nicht nur informativ sind, sondern auch Spaß machen?
Wir verbinden Theorie mit praktischen Übungen in einer entspannten und lockeren Atmosphäre. Eine kleine Prise Humor beim Unterrichten darf natürlich auch nicht fehlen.


The training “Professional Data Visualization with PowerBI” can now be booked for the following locations:

  • Schliersee (approx. 1 hour from Munich, in the beautiful mountains)
  • Munich, Germany
  • In-house in your company (on request)
  • Remote (on request)

On our training page you can find out all the details about the training, the schedule, dates and prices.

Invest three days in yourself and your career and learn how to present your data convincingly in Power BI.