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Susanne Ullrich on 02.02.2024


Hello fellow Digital Marketing enthusiasts. We are back from Superweek – and it was indeed a super week! 5 days filled with the latest trends of digital analytics, valuable insights, inspirations for our daily work, interesting conversations, funny moments, new friends and a lot of coffee.

Unsere Kolleginnen Anne-Kathrin Meyer und Constanze Bogner waren dieses Jahr auf der Superweek. In diesem Blogpost teilen sie ihre Eindrücke von dieser inspirierenden Konferenz mit uns.


First of all, they confirmed that the whole event really felt like a class reunion because everybody was very friendly and open. Plus, the location in the mountaintop hotel close to Budapest in Hungary is very unique. We asked them two questions to dive a bit deeper into their Superweek experiences.

What was your personal highlight of the conference?

  • Anne: “My biggest highlight was meeting so many experts in Digital Analytics, sharing knowledge openly and feeling part of the community.”
  • Constanze: “I really enjoyed the international vibe of the conference: The 170 participants came from more than 40 countries worldwide. In addition, the fact that everybody was very open to share their experience was great, no matter which age, background etc. Bonus: The sweet potato fries from the first day were the best ones I’ve ever had :)”

What was your biggest learning that you took home from the event?

  • Anne: “Superweek was a good reminder that constant learning is a necessity in this field where data privacy regulations, tools and AI capabilities are constantly changing and evolving. Of course, we are doing this on a daily basis anyway – but the event just reiterated the importance of it.”
  • Constanze: “My biggest learning confirmed what I already knew – that you always have to stay on top of the latest trends. It also showed me how important a good network in Digital Analytics is. You don’t always have to be very active in Social Media, write your own blog etc. to be part of the community. I connected with so many interesting people at the event for what I am very grateful.”


Throughout Superweek was always a chance to meet inspiring people at lunch, during the coffee breaks or even at the gym. The event was filled with interesting presentations on Artificial Intelligence (AI), data privacy updates, the abstraction of KPIs and best practice examples from brands, e.g. learning about the first steps of Decathlon towards Digital Analytics Maturity.

The presentations focused on key topics such as:

  1. Consent Mode (Basic & Advanced): Addressing the impact of underreporting conversions on marketing activities while navigating the nuances of Consent Mode and ensuring compliance.
  2. Creating a first-party data strategy: Introducing server-side tracking is the first step in utilizing the power of first-party data, followed by the inclusion of various channels and finally the integration of predictive analytics.
  3. BigQuery & Looker Studio: Using BigQuery as a data preparation layer for Looker Studio, enabling seamless self-service capabilities, regardless of the analytics tool used.
  4. Privacy: Monitoring privacy developments closely to stay informed early on. International companies navigating diverse legal landscapes should establish a foundational strategy.

We also met the lovely team of the digital analytics tool Piwik PRO and listened to the talk of their CEO Piotr Korzeniowski.

The evenings offered a nice atmosphere to network with others, e.g. during a fun pub quiz organized by the fantastic team of Conductrics or fireside talks on various topics.


In order to share some more conference impressions with you, we have put together a video. You can watch it here or by clicking the following image.

(Credits for some photos used in this video: Superweek)

Finally, we would like to say Thank you to Superweek for organizing and hosting this great event. And of course, we want to thank everyone we got the chance to talk to for the great conversations. Let’s stay in touch!

Btw. if you want to know more about our experiences and learnings at Superweek, feel free to get in touch with us here.