24.01.2024: See you at Superweek?

Let’s share ideas and chat about Digital Analytics at the conference

Susanne Ullrich

Susanne Ullrich am 24.01.2024

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Hello, fellow Digital Analytics enthusiasts! In a few days, we will be heading to Budapest in Hungary to attend Superweek conference. And we are - no pun intended - super excited for this week!

Superweek is a yearly gathering of online marketing professionals, digital analysts and thought leaders of the measurement industry. They started in 2014 and are now, without doubt, one of the most important Digital Analytics events worldwide. The conference is referred to as a “class reunion” of data experts, and will be happening at a very special location: a hotel on a mountaintop, not far away from Budapest.

Superweek isn't just a typical business event that focuses on selling products and services. It is a "week of pure digital analytics", as they say themselves. A gathering of digital-savvy minds, an opportunity to connect with professionals, and a chance to dive into the latest Digital Analytics trends.

Our colleagues Anne and Constanze from our Digital Analytics team will join from January 29th till February 1st 2024. They are looking forward to the many interesting talks like "Cookieless tracking using server side Google Tag Manager", "Privacy Engineering in Analytics and AB testing" or "Twists and Turns on the Digital Analytics Market" - just to name a few.

And, they are also looking forward to building genuine connections with like-minded measurement enthusiasts, sharing Digital Analytics experiences, gaining fresh perspectives, learning from each other - and simply philosophizing about the future of the digital world. Bonus: They can also provide you with insider tips on sightseeing in Munich :)

Connect here with Anne and Constanze. They are excited to meet you at Superweek!

Tipp for everyone who doesn’t attend the event: Of course, we will make sure to share our experiences and learnings from Superweek with you next week. Follow our LinkedIn page for daily updates.